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On page optimisation is one of the first steps of SEO. The work process of search engines has become smart in last few decades. Search engines are advocating website with a high-quality content by showing them up in their ranking schema. On page search engine optimization speaks about all those measures that can be taken directly from the website in order to upgrade its position in the search rankings.

It not only increases the complete readability of your website (by the search engines) but it also provides a better rank in the search engines. At Elixir Web Solutions our professional SEO team is happy to assist you with effective techniques and perfect strategies to boost your ON page SEO.

Our work structure follows these essential On pages SEO tactics:

They altogether offer a better exposure of your website to the search engines and helps in increasing the CTR (click through ratio).

Page Titles: The page titles are one of the most important ON page SEO factors on the website. Each and every page should have a unique title with main keywords. It should be short and visitors should be able to identify your brand. So, include your business name, site name in the page titles.

Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions are second most significant area where you can include relevant keywords that perfectly fit with the quality content. These are used in the search results when your page is listed. So, do not forget to include meta descriptions for web pages.

URL Structure: Always include a search engine friendly URLs for all your pages. The URLs with targeted keywords performs better and give effective results.

Content: Include informative and relevant content with a keyword density between 2-5%. Do not repeat and stuff the content with excessive keywords. Internal Linking: It is good to optimize the internal & external outbound links for search engines and your visitors. It brings an effective navigation around your site. The internal links can be used as the most functional weapon in the wide array of SEO tools.

Important HTML tags: It is necessary to underline some fixed sections of your website. The Header 1 is used for the site's title or header text, Header 2 & 3 highlights the important parts of a page. It is good for the purpose of SEO if you divide the content of the page with headers.

Broken Links Checker & Loading Time Checker: It is an online checker that validates and integrates the websites, detects the problem for broken and dead links. The loading time checker examines the website speed and analyses the load speed of each page.

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